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Young singer, Vaughn Prangley, releases teaser from debut album. 
“I hope people get lost in this song, like a melodic adventure. ...”

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At just 17, singer-songwriter Vaughn Prangley is shooting for pop-rock stardom with no signs of slowing down


Vaughn Prangley on Hyper Drive with Jogn B on Chapter One Radio

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Vaughn Prangley reminds us to keep fighting when the going gets tough in emotionally-charged visual for single “Passing Seconds”

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Vaughn Prangley’s debut EP, where it begins, is testament to his impressive capacity for modern song writing​


Vaughn Prangley finds a sense. of hope with the release of his debut single and music video for ‘Oasis’

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Emerging as an artist-to-watch this year, 17-year-old singer-songwriter, Vaughn Prangley shares his new single, ‘Passing Seconds’

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#MusicExchange: Vaughn Prangley releases EP titled "Where It Begins"

Meet the man behind the voice


Indie-Pop newcomer, Vaughn Prangley drops a sneaky confident debut, Oasis