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18-year-old Vaughn Prangley has done it again, this time winning second place in the Teen category in the 2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition for his song “Avalanche To The Sea”

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Vaughn Prangley has become one of South Africa music’s most buzzed-about talents, earning lavish praise from major mainstream publications. 'Destination Unknown' spotlights Vaughn’s mastery in songwriting and melody making.

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17-year-old singer songwriter Vaughn Prangley releases new track and music video for “Call our Own”. It’s a single which, like so much of Vaughn’s writing, has a transportive power...

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South African Artist, Vaughn Prangley chosen as a finalist in the 2021 Unsigned Only Music Competition

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Emerging as an artist-to-watch this year, 17-year-old singer-songwriter, Vaughn Prangley shares his new single, ‘Passing Seconds’

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#MusicExchange: Vaughn Prangley releases EP titled "Where It Begins"

Meet the man behind the voice

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In the form of his single “Road Trip” award winning South African Singer and Songwriter extraordinaire Vaughn Prangley has unleashed one of the most whimsical,
joyous, effervescent and uplifting slices of Pop oriented Alternative Rock that you are likely to hear this year.

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The long anticipated album 'Destination Unknown' boasts anthemic singalongs like ‘Avalanche to the Sea’ and ‘Beside You’, while tracks like ‘Rise and Fall’, ‘Borders’ and ‘White Lies’ wrench the heart harder in its reflection

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Local singer-songwriter and guitarist is looking to strike it big as a finalists in the Unsigned Only Music Competition with his song 'Breathing'

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Young singer, Vaughn Prangley, releases teaser from debut album. 
“I hope people get lost in this song, like a melodic adventure. ...”

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At just 17, singer-songwriter Vaughn Prangley is shooting for pop-rock stardom with no signs of slowing down

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Indie-Pop newcomer, Vaughn Prangley drops a sneaky confident debut, Oasis

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17-year-old Vaughn Prangley just dropped his first full length album 'Destination Unknown'. You’d never guess the album came from the mind of a kid verging on the tail-end of his adolescence. The lyrics are knife-sharp, the melodies clean-cut, and the production seamless.
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At only 17, he may seem young but his intuitive song writing and vocal prowess are anything but. And, as if to prove this point, he’s released a brand-new single “Call Our Own”, which pairs evocative lyricism with rousing riffs to create a certified banger. 
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SA’s Vaughn Prangley named finalist of Unsigned Only Music Competition 2021


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Vaughn Prangley reminds us to keep fighting when the going gets tough in emotionally-charged visual for single “Passing Seconds”

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Vaughn Prangley’s debut EP, where it begins, is testament to his impressive capacity for modern song writing​

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