Restraint is for the bound, own your fate, live your sound

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South African singer-songwriter Vaughn Prangley is carving out a unique path with his unmistakably deep, soulful and emotionally weathered voice, that speaks to a maturity way beyond his years.


Fast becoming one of alternative/indie-pop’s most promising talents, Vaughn has been penning his own songs from as young as thirteen. With his roots in the disciplined world of classical training, he reached a point where he felt he needed to scribble outside the lines, break some rules, and run the gauntlet of mistakes in order to create a sound that is truly his.


Hauntingly soulful and optimistic with simple guitar riffs and the backing of his incredibly talented band, Vaughn continues to prove that it is okay to be transparent with your emotions and share your successes and failures with the world – “Music is more of an outlet than an escape for me. My emotions are dealt with through music. I'm not afraid to share how I feel. No one should be. Vulnerability is important”. He admits that it’s not always easy laying your soul bare, but this also affords him the opportunity to uplift, inspire and have some fun with his listeners.


His first single, Oasis, released in 2020, shot up the South African charts to reach the number one spot on Mix FM. Since then, he has released an EP and his debut album, Destination Unknown, launches January 2022.


Inspiration for this album arose from a desire to explore the themes of self-growth, self-worth and appreciation of what you have right now, instead of dwelling on the past or missing out on special moments by constantly looking ahead. “These last few years, I’ve challenged myself to be more observant of my surroundings, of other people and situations, as well as my own personal journey, and then incorporating these insights and emotions through my songs”.


Vaughn is 100% living in the moment, experimenting with new instruments, perfecting his craft as a musician and songwriter, as well as learning what it takes to fully produce an album in the studio.


From gigs on the rooftop of his home during COVID-19 lockdowns, to live, in-studio radio and TV performances, Vaughn Prangley is gearing up to take his sound to live audiences. “Honestly, getting out there, in person, face-to-face with the people that support you is priceless and I can’t wait. Just bring on the gigs. Let’s go”.


Right now, Vaughn has thrown himself right back into the studio working on his second album. What he’s willing to share right now… “One of my biggest goals as a musician I believe, is to bring back that positive effect music has on people, and that’s where my head is at right now. I’m not interested in the negative. I want this album to speak to positive lyrics and messages…messages that help people see their value, self-worth and potential to be happy. If I achieve that then I’ve succeeded”.