You only live once, but if you do it right...once is enough

South African singer-songwriter and guitarist Vaughn Prangley is carving out a unique path with his unmistakably deep, soulful and emotionally weathered voice, that speaks to a maturity way beyond his years.


On his way to quickly becoming one of alternative/indie-pop’s most promising young talents, Vaughn has been penning his own songs from as young as thirteen. With his roots in the disciplined world of classical training, he reached a point where he felt he needed to scribble outside the lines, break some rules, and run the gauntlet of mistakes in order to create a sound that is truly his. “When your feelings and mind is unrestricted, you figure things out for yourself…you discover how to be sincere”.

Hauntingly soulful and optimistic with simple guitar riffs, Vaughn sounds like he has already had a lifetime of experiences. Whether he is drawing us into a breakup, a love, a loss, a wild night out, a triumph or a personal breakthrough, he continues to prove to both us and himself, that it is okay to be transparent with your emotions and share your successes and failures with the world. And so, his songs unashamedly take his listener on a journey through personal experiences - an old-school diary of sorts, and an ode to other young people navigating this crazy beautiful world like himself. He admits that it’s not always easy laying your soul bare, but this also affords him the opportunity to uplift, inspire and have some fun with his listeners. Vaughn is a still a young guy, but for him it’s not about popularity, getting the girl or living a life engineered by the music machine, but rather just living in the moment and whole-heartedly embracing change.


With his 1st single, Oasis, also claiming the his 1st radio number 1. Oasis is all about accepting, yeah, it's been a tough 2020/1 but you’ve got to push through and reflect on what has passed and the bright new beginnings on the horizon. His debut EP 'Where It Begins' includes Green Eyes, a song about finding someone in your life you can build memories and write a story with; Long Walks in The Park, that talks about those joyous moments when you get to reconnect with the people you miss in your life and Breathing, which deals with a hard break-up, having to catch one’s breath, and then finally being able to breathe deeply again.


Vaughn has spent most of 2021 working in studio with producer (Howie Combrink at The Hit Lab), refining his tracks and gearing up for the launch of his 1st Album 'Destination Unknown'. Picking the most surreal time to kick off your career – and we’re talking about a pandemic – Vaughn and his team have had to get creative. From socially distanced gigs in car parks or housing estates, all the way to concerts in own back yard or from the roof of his home, Vaughn is thankful for this opportunity to bring some fun and relief to his local community during these tough times.


With his latest single 'Passing Seconds' climbing the charts, it is clear that there is nothing ordinary about this super young talent!